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Devendra Kumar Pathak(MA, MBA (HRM), PGDPM), Principle Of M.N Degree College,Bengaluru. 

I am Well versed in many subjects related to Mathematics and Quantitative Aptitude.Some of the subjects I handle in my professional life daily are : Quantitative Methods for Business, Discrete Mathematics,Quantitative analysis for Business decisions,Methods & Techniques for Business Decisions.

I have a record of 30+ years in teaching field and in it I have served 20 years of my career in the Indian Air Force as a teacher. All through my career i have maintained a high profile which has helped me to earn several high valued National Awards from various states and Government bodies.

I would like to share a few awards of mine:-

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I am also a professional teacher to many of the online learners. I have received several awards from many recognized Websites. Some of the Awards that I like to exhibit are:


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